Author Topic: a link to this should be put on a sign on the spawnpoint?  (Read 56 times)


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#i thought we could link people to this so as to eliminate many questions about blacraft

Overview of Blacraft

Basic Rules:
No griefing/x-ray/stealing/etc

Land Divisions:
-Land is divided into parts that are commonly known as regions.
-You are currently in the region of Kaktoland, inside Spawntown.
-Each player may own one or more regions on the server.
-You should not modify blocks in another players regions unless it is for a benevolent purpose or you have their permission.
-Here is a map of the regions of Blacraft you will need if you want to claim your own:
-Inactive and underdeveloped regions may be repossesed on request.
-The nether has no land divisions at the moment

-Stands for Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions
-members must follow the economic laws here:
-You can have locked and unlocked chests.
-unlocked chests can be scattered about wherever.
-UBSR members may take from unlocked chests
-locked chests may only be in one building or area known as a collective storage.
-items in the collective storage must be calculated and updated to a spreadsheet weekly:
-items in collective storage can be taken out by other members when a poll for materials succeeds.

/cprivate makes a chest, door, etc private
/cpublic makes the item public, so it cannot be locked by anyone else
/cmodify can be used to let some people access the chests
/afk makes you appear as absent from keyboard. If someone else happens to be sleeping on the server, you can /afk and the server will ignore you, and skip to daytime, even if you are not in a bed
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You can make a sign for that in the old tax center if you want.

The spawnpoint is meant to be inside it, but it doesn't seem to work. If it happens to work one day maybe I should call it Spawntower or something.


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yes mommie

edit: its spawn protected
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I think it would be a good idea.

The bit about inactive regions should be clarified that inactive would mean inactive for many months or basically left alltogether.