What do you think of more battle regions?

Add a second battleground region with different rules.
1 (25%)
Add an anarchy region, where people can fight and build as they like.
3 (75%)
Adding more battle regions is not necessary.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Author Topic: A Second Battleground?  (Read 177 times)


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Re: A Second Battleground?
« on: 2014 03 30, 00:02:36 »
Ok, Fiah proposed a concept on the Ubox forums, I suggest we keep the discussion here. His post:

concept for a mesaground (half completed)

So a battleground in the mesas? Hm

Personally, I don't like the idea of turning an already rare biome into a place where you destroy the terrain. However, it might make some sense to turn exactly such an area into a place where you fight for terrain, because the terrain has value. Even though stained clay is already common enough that you can't really call it rare I guess.

However, I think it might be better to only battle for a smaller part of that mesa subcontinent, like maybe zone 1-37.

Also, remember how many times we've had to delay battles for the BG because people took long to get there. :P It might be a bigger issue there. Although since a second BG might be more of an "elite place" without ristrictions, the regular players may be more inclined to go there while less regular players might prefer the current BG, so they might know the nether infrastructure and how to get there fast better.

i don't think they're too regulated. it's nice right now

an anarchy zone would be cool though

An anarchy battle zone? Do you mean just one region where you're allowed to kill each other inside it and build stuff however you want?
I like the idea, and added it as an option to the poll, and reset the votes. If people show interest, we can add another region for this.

I think a region like this should be far away from spawn, so people don't venture into it accidentally. It could be called something like "The Wilderness".
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