Author Topic: Alt Account and AFK Discussion  (Read 355 times)


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Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 22:15:54 »
i only skimmed the post and replies but here's my take

1. afk time is needed to prevent the game from being grindy and unfun
2. afk time is expensive in server costs and other intangible costs
3. alts reduce both those costs, at the cost (heh) of real world money

anyway here's my solution which i proposed a few weeks back
1. ban afking, but not alts, so you can still use alts for testing/whatever
2. allot everyone X hours of "simulated afk time" (SAT). X = 100 or 200 should be a good number
3. have people who want to afk time rates of their farm in an unbiased manner
4. each month, people can select how to distribute their X hours across their farms, and using the computed rates, spawn in the appropriate amount of drops they would've gotten

basically, it's simulated afking without the associated costs and problems