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Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 28, 22:27:50 »
while i think it is somewhat cheaty and unfair, i think it would be more unfair to unindustrialized people to ban it now (unless you remove/distribute some quantity of the items from the now-banned processes), because for example let's say i want mending books. yqt has afk farmed mending books for a few days or whatever and has them, and they're a resource people are more likely to keep for themselves because they are rare, unlike iron, which people can get reasonable amounts of just by asking

if you banned afking, i wouldn't be able to get mending books while other already industrialized people would have them and i would have limited ways to get them other than long and hard grinding with emeralds and whatever (of which i have basically none) with villagers, which is not something i'm particularly interested in doing

it's kind of like the global warming problem and why developing nations get to pollute more because they aren't industrialized yet
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