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Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 29, 07:38:04 »
I think everyone has their own ideas on what makes minecraft fun, and we shouldn't prescribe just one way to have fun.

Personally, my version of fun isn't that survival has a "limiting factor" (has resource constraints), but rather the fact that with a large amount of cleverness and knowledge about game mechanics, you can build up some sort of technological/industrial base which makes what was nearly impossible in the early game quite easy. Basically, minecraft early game to "end game" (killing the end dragon) can be completed pretty easily, and after that the logical progression for me to utilize game mechanisms to keep advancing the things that I can do.

But anyway the point is that I think everyone should be able to choose how they enjoy the game within the constraints of it being survival smp
You were the one who originally prescribed it not to be fun if you can't have alts to grind for you. I don't agree with that.

I agree you should be able to enjoy the game pretty much within smp, maybe with a very few exceptions. But I think it should only be with one account.

Latter is impractical in a lot of farms which have an precise afk spot of just a few meters across. The former is possible, but at that point isn't it just saying "you can afk, but only if you can bear the pain/annoyance of checking the game every half hour" -- seems like a weird penalty to me which doesn't address the root issue. This would just give advantage to people with a lot of free time like alts give advantage to people with money.
The reason it's supposed to be a 'penalty' is because people aren't meant to get enormous quantities of items so easily in my opinion. Building farms is totally fine, advancing beyond mining and gathering. But you should still be playing actively to get those items. If you want more items, build a more efficient farm or spend the time there. Don't go to sleep to get a billion items and drain the server performance.

I would volunteer to do the computations. I don't think it's as involved as you might imagine it is. Here are the steps:
1. measuring the drop rates of a farm -- only need to do this once per farm
2. a spreadsheet set up to do computations -- also a one-time cost only
3. a mechanism to spawn in the drops -- shouldn't be that hard although i don't have anything concrete right now.

Anyway the point is that there's no sitting outside the game computing things. At most, we'd spend 30 seconds entering a few numbers into a spreadsheet once a month. I don't think it'll morph blacraft into some perverse computational game or anything like that. I'm not exactly sure what your objection is about theoretical or whatever.

Also there are no alts involved in this solution, since we could simply say that you can't use alts for the measurement process in order to make things fair
It's not that I think it's hard or complicated to do, it just seems weird in a way. The only thin these alts do is drain our server performance. If we buy one more alt, should we add more time for everyone to spend? What's the point even, of having the alt on the server and paying for it to be up? If we know the production rates, we might as well spawn the items right into the game? I don't feel this is the kind of server I wanted Blacraft to be at least.

Kalassak: If those who didn't have a chance to do the alt thing got maybe 1 day of alt time to spend I think your issue could be solved.

would like to point out--

moving your mouse every 30 minutes to escape the AFK timer shouldn't be a valid option because then it's trivial to write a script that moves ones mouse every 30 minutes with no way to really verify if it was done by a script or a person, thus negating the purpose of an AFK timer
I don't agree it's trivial. I think only a few people in this community would probably have the skills to do that and I think we can trust them with not doing it. AFK timers used to work pretty much fine on this server a few years ago I think.
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