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Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 29, 14:23:16 »
tl;dr: I think alts and afking are separate issues. also, the last two paragraphs of this reply are the most important ones if you don't have time to read everything.

You were the one who originally prescribed it not to be fun if you can't have alts to grind for you. I don't agree with that.

Right. I intended that to be a statement about my own gameplay style, not a prescription for everyone. Also I think you misinterpreted what I said there. I didn't say I needed alts to grind for me. I said afking is necessary. I think the issue of alts and afking are orthogonal to each other. alts just allow for more afking to take place in the same amount of time, and arguably gives an unfair advantage to people with alts. whether we should allow afking is a completely separate issue (and imo, the more important issue here).

The reason it's supposed to be a 'penalty' is because people aren't meant to get enormous quantities of items so easily in my opinion. Building farms is totally fine, advancing beyond mining and gathering. But you should still be playing actively to get those items. If you want more items, build a more efficient farm or spend the time there. Don't go to sleep to get a billion items and drain the server performance.
I would take issue about the last line. Most if not all of the new farms that have been built recently have taken great pains to be extremely lag efficient, for example, explicitly avoiding *redstone dust*, which is an extremely laggy block. Sitting in the middle of desertopia with no farms in range causes far more lag than any of my farms.

I disagree about the need to be playing actively to gather items, because no one likes to grind forever for large amounts of items.

It's not that I think it's hard or complicated to do, it just seems weird in a way. The only thin these alts do is drain our server performance. If we buy one more alt, should we add more time for everyone to spend? What's the point even, of having the alt on the server and paying for it to be up? If we know the production rates, we might as well spawn the items right into the game? I don't feel this is the kind of server I wanted Blacraft to be at least.

So the alt issue and the afk issue is again, orthogonal. I think we should discuss them separately. For the purposes of my solution, we would ignore alts completely in the computation. So I'll just address this last line here:

If we know the production rates, we might as well spawn the items right into the game?

If you feel this is not legit, then I can't really convince you otherwise. But the reason I think it's not a totally crazy idea is because in theory, we could have generated those items in gameplay using the *same amount of effort* (aka almost 0). On the other hand, it doesn't make sense to spawn items into the game if you could mine them ingame because that would be a reduction in the amount of effort spent on the game. I don't meant to say that the only aspect of gameplay is the expenditure of effort of course.

But just one last thing. Here's a theoretical situation which will hopefully make it intuitively clear why I think this is legitimate. Suppose there's this very useful new item you can craft, except due to some bugs in the game, crafting it causes extreme lag to the server for the next 15 minutes, which is annoying. To get around this until the bug is fixed in the next update, we allow players to throw away the crafting ingredients and spawn in the item, which is a no lag replacement for crafting. To me, this seems very legit. I don't know about you.
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