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Re: Alt Account and AFK Discussion
« on: 2018 01 29, 17:03:50 »
"First of all I think it's not a very good solution using alts to increase spawn rates"

I'm using them for existence of rates, not for increasing them which has diminishing returns.

"this gives an advantage to people with alts and alts cost money. I think people who have one Minecraft account should have the same advantage as people who have the money to buy 10."

Luckily i got mine for free

"This is an expensive way to play the game and we could save some money that we could enjoy on e.g. better performance instead. "

I think performance is pretty stable at 20 now that i moved all my villagers away; but yes server cost might be an issue. However i don't have a way to help pay :O

"Additionally accounts near some big farms bring down the whole server tps significantly, so someone putting an alt near industry and going to sleep may negatively affect the enjoyability of people who log on to play actively."

Moved all my laggy **** outta the way so we shouldn't have that problem anymore

"I think it might be better if there was maybe a 30 minute kick after going AFK, people could stay at mob farms, get some items but not just go to sleep."

I feel like a punishment for using server time should not be waste your own time.