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Re: Blacraft New Year 2014
« on: 2013 11 08, 18:10:37 »
Ok I think I already gave a response to both of your arguments (which seem to be the same), that it isn't flexible. My intention with the poll was simply to make the time the default time, so that we will not have to make a poll every year to celebrate it at that time. Instead, if Yqt is on vacation, we could then make a poll that year to move the celebration a day or whatever, that would be no problem, and simpler than making a poll every year about when it should be. I guess the poll was just badly worded, anyway, if I put up a new poll with this intention, would you vote for it?

As for the other point that it's "needless to come up with rules and regulations", that's like saying it's needless to even define the date we should celebrate it. The question is just whether we should let that simple rule - when we celebrate New Year - cover this time only or simply be the default rule where we can just change the rule if we ever need to.

Now smjjames' comment on when it should be celebrated, ok I understand that you prefer it to be at that time, but consider that many people (or at least I) are busy on the New Year day because they celebrate it with their family - luckily for me UTC is an hour off from midnight so I can get to do and see some fireworks before Blacraft, but it's a bit of an interruption in the party. Additionally, I will no longer live at my parents when we celebrate New Year, so I would have to bring my computer over to come on Blacraft, not that it's impossible. At least for me, it would be much easier if we celebrated it on December 30. Then there's no interference and we have two separate days to celebrate New Year, one with the Blacraft community and one with IRL people. Did that change anyone's opinion?
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