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Re: Blacraft New Year 2015
« on: 2014 11 09, 22:13:11 »
The poll is up! Make sure to vote before November 16.

Also, I recommend posting below some of the features that makes your suggestions worth our votes for New Year 2015.
Personally I'm very interested in the surroundings and infrastructure. If you finish nice (urban) buildings it'll increase your changes to get my vote, or if you haven't gotten it done, post (realistic!) plans of what you'll get done in preparation of the event.

I can start with Kaktolake, Kaktoland:
Most of this district has been built up during 2014, including many of the region's largest structures - Kaktoland Iron Foundry just before last New Year, one of the tallest buildings on Blacraft, Kaktolake Monster Factory, the glass maze, a gold foundry and recently Stargate. It is an industrial area with a spruce wood factory and a stacked netherwart farm/factory. Other projects under construction are a parkour track and a fort at the border to Ampluterra, when they will be completed is currently unknown.
A large open space is found near the portal and public storage, where a horse road to Blue Bay intersects the one leading north from Spawntown. North of it, a hill with a small river and waterfall park provides a scenic view of the district.

Pics or it didn't happen:

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