Author Topic: Blacraft New Year 2015  (Read 926 times)


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Re: Blacraft New Year 2015
« on: 2014 11 11, 23:21:51 »
Seeing that some people are seriously voting for The End, I'm just saying that I think you should consider what there is to do during the party. The other years we've been using buildings, done parkour, etc., and while The End is an interesting place nothing has really been built there other than the xp farm and a tunnel from spawn to exit. I don't think it would make for an interesting party in the time that surrounds the fireworks so I hope you'll consider your vote.
The same goes for the nether... I know you mentioned building a glass dome but still, there's nothing. If someone punches pigmen, we'll all have trouble. If ghasts spawn inside the glass dome, we'll get in trouble. It'll be hard to transport our fireworks to the nether and especially The End as well.
I also think it'd be nice to show off and explore what someone (or a group) has built during the event, with fireworks in the background, instead of just picking a location that's pretty much just generated from scratch.

I think the other options are all magnitudes better candidates than the Nether/End for these reasons.