Author Topic: Blacraft New Year 2016  (Read 284 times)


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Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 09 06, 18:24:08 »
I'm not sure what you mean by dual bid? But whereever the event is I can help with supplying stuff like gunpower and dyes and such.

I don't really want to host the entire thing in Aahrus (not really enough room) so if we could have just the fireworks there and the events somewhere else, was my idea of a dual bid

Either way I'll probably offer to do a fireworks show no matter where it's hosted depending on how much time I have. :P One question I have is, if we're hosting it in creative, would I be allowed to spawn the fireworks in with a plugin rather using a complicated system of dispensers and redstone?