Author Topic: Blacraft New Year 2016  (Read 284 times)


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Re: Blacraft New Year 2016
« on: 2015 12 27, 22:40:55 »
I'm busy with irl stuff atm, anyone here who wants to receive a good amount of gunpowder and other resources for fireworks, and craft the fireworks and a launching machine at the New Year site? I will suggest making some varied rockets but still some that can stack a bit, so there might be some stacks with maybe 8 rockets or something like that (but also a few unique ones maybe, if they're good). I can also give you dispensers and stuff for that.

Or if Kal wants it he can receive it and build it, since it's at his location.

Tomorrow evening (like ~20 UTC) I might have time to come online and give some materials, but I don't know for sure atm.
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