Author Topic: Blacraft Playtime Community Contribution  (Read 34 times)


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Blacraft Playtime Community Contribution
« on: 2015 11 26, 22:43:33 »
To participate:
- Let me know your email so I can add you as contributor to the sheet
- Get OnTime raw data files from:
- Go to the data sheet to contribute:

- Every new day is added as a column to the left.
- Every user is a row - if a new player appears in OnTime files, they should be added at the bottom, and Bla should be notified to move the player into alphabetic ordering without breaking the sheet.
- Each cell shows the number of seconds the player (row) was online that day (column).
- Note only the daily reports should be used. They're mixed with weekly and monthly reports too in the data files.
- The number at the top of a column is the total amount of time online by players that day. And the very first column shows total time a player has been online. These cells use a formula.
- The data is listed in seconds, minutes and hours. The sheet has m defined as 60 and h defined as 3600 so to save speed and for easier verification you may write =1*h+43*m in a cell if someone was online for 1 hour and 43 minutes that day.

Dates cumulative/percentage sheets: These use formulae for all the cells. If you want to update them, add more rows/columns like above and just make sure to repeat the formulae to the new cells.

Please report here if you update the sheet, need help or more files.

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