Should we use Dynmap?

Yes, and let it auto-update as we explore/edit chunk data.
4 (50%)
Yes, but only update the map manually.
4 (50%)
No, it should be disabled to reduce lag.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Dynmap
« on: 2014 05 01, 01:13:19 »
I live in australia. I contend with very high ping almost everyday in games from minecraft to bf4, You do not see me complaining (though the server is a bit low on the ram side, not much but just a tad.) You only have a few laggy mobs? I have to plan ahead and ride my horse and so i don't go over the edge of the road, I have mobs that pingoff into space and back again, I have to wait maybe about 1-2 seconds for the block to appear. You you have to play with laggy mobs? I applaud you good sir, For having to deal with so much while the rest of us have it easy.

(Sorryif this is a flame post, but ppl like that really p*ss me off)