Should we use Dynmap?

Yes, and let it auto-update as we explore/edit chunk data.
4 (50%)
Yes, but only update the map manually.
4 (50%)
No, it should be disabled to reduce lag.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8

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Re: Dynmap
« on: 2014 06 21, 23:22:26 »
The Dynmap plans for the Battleground are now completed (except the fact that one zone is missing from it, I'll need Kip to get the coordinates on there).

I've set it to automatically show the zones if you zoom in 2 times, it can be changed based on preferences, or I can disable it entirely. This just seemed most reasonable to me.

The start zone is accidentally colored red below, I have fixed this.

bla can i have a portal thing on dynmap? ****atar coords are -50, -150

Yes, I don't currently know when I'll add it though
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