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Re: Darvince's banning 2013 07 10
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Honestly, I know that what I did was wrong according to what you think, but it isn't officially in Blacraft rules.
The rules say this:
- Do not destroy anything built by other players on the server without their permission. It is considered griefing.
You broke the rule.
Yes, taking the lapis blocks were further destroying your already sorely destroyed property, and your feelings.

This rule is questionable:
- Do not exploit bugs or glitches in the game, or use any method to easily obtain large quantities of blocks or items (mob grinders and automatic farms are ok).
Everything I did that was very wrong, and I feel that you were wise in your decision to ban me for clearly destroying your property. You were, in reverting Shmoopy's and mine evil doings, removing the illegal griefing of Spawntown.

You didn't exploit a glitch, but you were well aware that you exploited the fact that a part of the world would be rolled back.
Yes, I did exploit that and I am very sorry for that.

The rules additionally say:
- Ask Bla if you're unsure about the rules rather than risk breaking them.

Which you did not do. I think the rules definitely cover the issue (the first one clearly does), but I'll add a part about rolling back parts of the world.
Yes, that will definitely help address such immature behavior as what I displayed then, and make Blacraft a better server to be on in the near and more distant future.

I feel that this terrible, stupid thing that I did was an isolated incident and that it will not occur again in the future, no matter the circumstances. I am sorry if this post seems disjointed or with differing opinions throughout the post, as I wrote it over several hours.
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