Author Topic: B-ong's banning 20130128  (Read 624 times)


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Re: B-ong's banning 20130128
« Reply #50 on: 2013 03 17, 00:19:46 »
3. yqt never claimed the place.
4a. i felt that that page did not have enough huge images
4b. (this is the nike one i ausse) i was telling you to just do it (make the poll)
4c. yeah i get it i deleted the post
5. oh really? i still remember you shouting at me for the same reasons you do now
6. no, 5 and 6 are the same thing, not seperate. they are refering to the same idea
7. Do not insult He
8. it's called people who lose likke re-matches
9. no, Bla said he would draw borders around where we built.
10. i changed it many times
11. same concept

summary so far:

i have to work on:

not griefing--
wait i just realized i had an argument for that.
Do you have an argument for everything? Seems like it. Anyways, I'll do some responses.

3. Just because it's not officially claimed doesn't give you the right to grief it like that. (IMO, just doing the cactus would have been enough of a prank back.)

4a. Did you ever think that maybe the reason why it doesn't have any huge images is because nobody likes them? Good thing that massive images don't break the forum Ubox uses.

4b. You could have used the small one and stopped right there or used a screenshot size version, not a mega image.

4c. You seem to have missed Darvs point about the images, also you didn't delete those images. Also for 4c, which post?

5 & 6. Your friend stuffhappens, who knows you irl, says you don't have ADHD. Also, you tried to use ADHD as an excuse. I have ADHD but I don't go around using it as an excuse. Having ADHD =/= being annoying as you can be annoying without having ADHD.

7. Uh, what's that all about? I thought it was just some silly/annoying thing and I thought you were referring to Dan Dixon sometimes.

9 & 10. You changed it many times? Oh really? You never made any changes to the contested claim, in fact, at one point there was an offer to split the penninsula, and did you take it? No. I was pratically screaming for you to compromise. Stuffhappens tried to compromise a couple of times, and you? No, you tried to do everything you could to keep the whole thing.

11. Oh really, and what do you think would have been the social consequence of stealing someones account name? Good thing you lost the **** password because you in fact were planning on logging into it and keeping me from getting it back. (and YES I should have registered it long ago, but that's not the point).

AND a good thing that the freenode staff couldn't do anything about it.