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Re: Horse Race Results
« on: 2019 12 28, 01:27:02 »
New Years 2016 - Auspikitan

This event was a not exclusively a horse race. It began with a horse sector that went around the Darvincia Horse Track and meandered through the farms north of Darvincia. The race then transitioned to a foot race down to Nether Island, Auspikitan. Competitors then had to craft a boat at the shoreline and maneuver between wool "checkpoints" throughout northern Auspikitan until they reached the finish line near the New Years event area.

- AeV
- Blanoxium
- l_l
- Tuto99
- Ventus

No official results were compiled for this race, as it was difficult for the race official (Kalassak) to monitor the participants and there were at least two incidents worthy of disqualification: Bong purportedly used a speed potion, and due to a misunderstanding Bla did not complete the lap around the Darvincia Horse Track before following the marked offroad section.