Author Topic: Horse Racing Track Plan  (Read 50 times)


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Re: Horse Racing Track Plan
« on: 2014 02 23, 12:14:11 »
I think this project is too big and not many people will compete, maybe just start smaller and then expand? and not like build the whole thing in a 9 hour blacraft play
What do you mean by compete? How are people supposed to compete for the project?

I didn't intend people to come build it in 9 hours. I just intended for people to give ideas and join building it if they wanted to. Atomic wrote he was interested in it. I could also build it alone, having built now about 4 km of 4m wide road such a track shouldn't be too hard.

I agree with your idea for segments Mudkipz, however I don't agree with the obstacles idea. I think there should just be segments of the track with obstacles like slowsand, water, fences etc. that are a permanent part of the track, and then you can choose to race with those segments included or not. If we have to only make obstacles that we can turn off with redstone and pistons, I think the design is going to be unnecessarily complicated and ristricted.

Also this plan doesn't have a lot to do with my mesa road, I expect there to be a portal by the track, in any case the mesa road is meant as a mostly scenic thing that lets you easily travel far east on horse if you want to do that, and I think it'd be cozy to have all sorts of things like towns, regions and such along the road to give it some life.