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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 13, 16:40:57 »
I agree we should set up nether horse routes yes, and make the portal areas more horse-friendly.

Let us get started as fast as possible and standardize the tunnels. Here are my ideas.

Should they follow particular x/z coordinates? No, they can run freely.
Should they by default be at a certain height? Yes, the surface of the road should be y = 40.
(Consider this: and our rails are at y = 110 - I am not sure whether it would be better to put it near our rails at the top, this makes it pretty hard to get up and down without huge staircases though, if most portals aren't that high up, we could also put it at y = 100, then you could more easily get onto the rail routes on horse)
How wide should the roads be? 4 blocks.
How tall should the tunnels be? 4 blocks.
What material should the road be made of by default? Cobblestone.
What material should the tunnel be made of by default? Cobblestone.

huehuehuehuehue horses in rail tunnels? on one hand i suppose that's a nice way to avoid building another tunnel, on the other hand, if we wanted to save effort then why are rail tunnels 3x3 instead of 1x2.
It's not just to save effort, it's also so that the rail lines and horse roads can supplement each other, and 1x2 rail lines make(/made?) you suffocate when you get off the cart and bounce when meeting other players plus they are really ugly too.

I don't really know what altitude to put horse roads at in the overworld. y = 45 and y = 55 seem like possible options, 55 will cause a lot of problem with water I think, while 45 seems a bit far from the surface. If we just make them more free than the rails, I guess y = 55 will be ok - they can always submerge below sea or rail line or emerge above ground if needed. Do people agree with this? How about making them 4 blocks wide and tall in overworld too?
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