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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 14, 20:52:15 »
We are setting standards for overworld horse roads?

I had already made my standards (and even did a little testing in Kinar before I left for Europe). I'm not really willing to budge on that, however I don't mind following your standards in the nether.

My proposed ideas would be pretty much a blaist nightmare. Will consist of straight roads on the surface. They will be surrounded by cobble walls exactly spaced 1 block apart from each other, solid at curves. The road surface will be grass in forested areas, sand in deserts and grass + gravel in plains and near forested populated areas.

They will be underground near Capital and an undergroundish stable will be built there. GLR lines in Velgorod will be replaced, the GLR line from Aahrus to Desertopia will remain. An entire rework of Capital central station will be done, moving rail underground (cargo rail will be accomodated) and horses/nether portal into the building inside the mountain wall.

Rail Route 5 remains broken near my end portal and I have been too lazy to fix it. :P Speaking of the end portal, I have not built a nether portal there because I have been waiting for the netherrail or nether horse roads. Get to work bla!
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