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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 15, 07:35:37 »
Rail Route 5 remains broken near my end portal and I have been too lazy to fix it. :P Speaking of the end portal, I have not built a nether portal there because I have been waiting for the netherrail or nether horse roads. Get to work bla!
You're welcome to work on them, I generally am not very interested in the nether. I already have two projects to work on plus there has been a lot of problems on Blacraft recently and I am also trying to cope with depression, so I don't really like getting more duties than necessary, kol.

Ok to your standards, they definitely will not exist in the regions I manage.
wait are horse roads supposed to be level 40 in the nether or something

because they can probably already run along most if not all of the current nether-roads with little to no adjustment
Running on open roads in the nether isn't ideal with ghasts and all the other fire hazards etc. in the nether. If the roads aren't closed the ghasts will also gradually destroy the terrain next to them with fireballs. And I don't really get why you always seem so pessimistic with big projects. :P

I am trying to see which coords people would prefer horse roads to be at in the nether. 40 is just my proposal, but I am starting to like 100 more so it's more easy to transfer to the rail tunnels.