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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 15, 08:04:31 »
well i try not to be inherently biased against large projects, but stuff like the netherrail at 110 or horse road at 100 confuses me because they require us to rework all our portals or spend a few seconds walking up and down to the road. i could ride to spawntown in 10 seconds, so it is a significant amount. i also see that the ghasts can be unhelpful, but desertopia-spawntown, spawntown-revolutea, and spawntown-kaeshar roads are already 90% covered, and other roads can be covered with less effort than building a road at y=100. anyways i'm not against the project, and the time wasted with vertical travel might be remedied by ramps, but i wonder if the horse-nether-roads can't be at a level near all portals.