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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 17, 20:44:09 »
Ok, this is the most stupid thing ever. I have extended the ring from the horse island to the bridge connecting Spawntown and Kaktolake (in face with tunnel to Blue Bay as well, but that isn't dug out for horses all the way). I was working on that tunnel and parked the donkey behind me. While working, it went all the way back the tunnel and up the ramp into the Kaktolake area. I looked through all of the tunnels, the surface near all ramps, and finally saw the donkey near Kaktolake. As I neared, I saw some leather and stuff drop into the air by the cacti, on a closer look, the items I had stored in the donkey as well. So I sort of ragequat. :P

I need to breed another mule, another donkey as well I guess, so I can get plenty of those, I just need someone to arrange the breeding with.