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Re: Horses
« on: 2013 07 25, 19:30:58 »
Well after spending a few days being completely addicted to Civ 5 BNW (which is totally awesome) I have realized that my glorious Blacraft Union is falling apart! The last time I was able to work on any big project with it was February, when I worked on some of Vrus. After then I got busy with building in The End, Eurovision, school and finally, traveling to Europe. So then I wondered why I have no motivation to build any of my crazy projects I have been putting off for months, then I realized it's because it is impossible to travel to many of these areas. So now, I have prioritized infrastructure in my union, with a set out plan for development that I rushed and made very confusing.

Infrastructure progress:
Regular Roads: 0% - No cobble set aside for it, no road built or anything.
Cargo Rail: 2% - 3 of the big stations have been prepared to be built, tunnel on the mainline has been determined as well as the tunnels to y=11 where the rails will be at have been completed in 5 locations.
Horse Roads: 1% - Main horse central in Capital has been nearly completed (and reverted :P ), GLR was in the process of being ripped up to be replaced.

Basically, the lines are new infrastructure. The circles are regions I am planning on developing into cities. Black circles are regions I have scouted and started thinking about where buildings will go, gray circles are the regions I am working on developing and have some buildings and stuff built while light gray are regions with plans that I'll probably never built or pursue.

Nonetheless, I was really eager to start this today...until I found out that I have been sent back in time a few days. :P
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