Author Topic: Idea: Inactive Regions  (Read 197 times)


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Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 06 22, 19:30:15 »
The inactive regions around Spawntown have been adding up quickly. The idea is: convert some regions close together into a community region with developed plots for everyone? Spawntown is so Bla, what is the fun in that? Why not convert a region close to spawn into a glorious region where everyone can get a few decent sized plots and we can have a true spawntown community there.

Just an idea. :P
But how do you decide who gets which plots? Technically you could already get such plots in any region if you just get permission from the regional government. Are you proposing anarchist regions or how are you going to manage those plots?

I do like the idea, but well I never knew how to implement it. If anyone wants to build something specific in Spawntown they could go through the same, simple procedure as when you built McLenin's, as long as I approve of what they build. We have done pretty much the same with the ice farm in Novascotchara and Dan's pyramid in Spawntown, plus the obelisk he even built without permission at first kol.

As for inactive regions, yes, it would be nice if we could get some people to develop them. We should make rules for when regions can go inactive, such as when the one controlling them hasn't been online on the server or posted on here for maybe 6 months without explaining why and their potential plans to come back. But it would be hard to check who has been inactive for how long without a plugin for that, and plugins often go outdated sadly.
If Quontex comes back I don't think he would be happy to see someone building stuff in Quontia. I saw Deoxy on a while back and I don't think he would like to see stuff he didn't make in Spheron Rilmu either. Which is understandable.