Author Topic: Idea: Inactive Regions  (Read 197 times)


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Re: Idea: Inactive Regions
« on: 2013 06 23, 17:51:05 »
The idea is to be more or less anarchy. While we could have someone assign plots to people, assign plots for maybe a trading market type of thing, assign plots to automatic farms and other services. I'd like it better if people had no limit on what they could do with their plot pending it does not damage other people's plots.

As far as making rules as to which regions go inactive, I don't think we've lost contact with most people who have the regions close to spawn. We could probably ask people if necessary, or allow a 12 month grace period of not logging onto the server? This would allow people like Naru, Quontex and deoxy who occasionally play to have their regions, but not people who have abandoned it entirely. I know we could probably contact Naru and maybe get his unused municipalities near spawn in Chazabethia. Earthquake Forest, parts of Quonbla and Novascotchara could be another option.

The site of Darvice's spawntown replacement would probably be best for it though. It's been inactive for many years now, and no one has any reason to develop it anymore. It's already flattened and pretty close to spawntown. Neighbouring municipality Foressia is also pretty desolate and unused.