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Re: Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« Reply #50 on: 2013 10 23, 19:53:39 »
To Blotz 2: There is still plenty of ocean, look around Mudkipz's farms, the area east of Azecliffs, a lot of ocean around smjjames' settlements and Fiah too, and Matolony. I don't think it's worth preserving.

To Fiah, ok the new map is here, another time it'd be nice if you didn't rotate the map and spent more than 20 seconds editing so it would be easier to understand. :l
To Mudkipz, I assume that means you want it preserved, that'll be a lot easier than moving it, so the new cropping plan includes it in preserving region below.

I inspected the stone circles to the north and this is how they look. I plan to crop them and if someone is missing them I'll just refund the materials. I also just mined the rails from UBSR resource post (and looted chests there etc.) to Kaministiquia's jungle border.