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Re: Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« Reply #50 on: 2013 10 23, 20:05:38 »
It's 1,000 blocks I think. Mojikit Stronghold is 500 whereas Swamphold is 600.

Anyways what I want changed:

1. This is Mystic Marsh, I'd like it extended to include part of the taiga to it's east. There is a dual cave spider spawner under there I'd like to convert into a string farm since I have no string anymore. As far as moving it to where you said, that'd be ok, but if you do I'd like it to be part of the continuous UYP.

2. I don't have any plans for this half of Nunatriche. The half with the big lake I have plans for and the desert (Kinar) I have plans for, otherwise the half outside of that boundary can be cropped and become 1.7 land.

Other areas of concern:
Those stone circles are from a friend of stuffhappens. When I cropped for 1.5 I left them in and it's not really a big deal as he's not active anymore.
There is an island far out to the west where Rocksolid set up a base. He hasn't logged on in nearly a year so it probably doesn't matter but still, he's there.
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