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Re: World Editing
« Reply #50 on: 2013 10 24, 22:35:31 »
Everything outside the red lines are being cropped except for the bits circled in blue which are getting moved to the area of Molten. Although I think the parts that are in orange are bits that Bla is going to crop to instead of the red line. The parts in yellow were just areas Bla wasn't sure about.

As for the stronghold, there is a chance it could spawn in the area to the west and north of swamphold. I believe the swamphold fort is 600 or 800 blocks from spawntown, so there is some room for it over there.

As for the final cropping plan, it looks good to me.

Just a thought, shouldn't the area where square 6 is being moved to be explored a bit? Not sure if it matters.
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