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Re: World Editing
« Reply #50 on: 2013 10 25, 18:25:20 »
I have cropped the world mostly according to the plan (I accidentally deleted slightly more land than the plan showed south of Revolutea, sorry Fiah, tell me if you need it MCEdited back in when I upload a map), edited the biomes slightly and changed the seed.

Currently I have removed everybody else from the whitelist, because I don't plan to put on a temporary map and I'm currently uploading the cropped world, and I don't want to risk people logging on and loading terrain again with 1.6.4. I'll put the old whitelist back when the server is running Bukkit 1.7, which still seems to be in development.

You can mess on the Multiplay server while waiting.

Edit: Done uploading cropped world, verified the new seed is working, also used the structure saver once more to ensure MCEdit or the biome painter shouldn't cause anything to be lost.
Now we're just waiting for Bukkit 1.7.
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