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Re: World Editing
« Reply #100 on: 2014 10 29, 22:36:28 »
Edits to the world for 1.8 done:

- Has been cropped according to the plan in Yqt's post
- Quontex's mushroom island has been moved next to Dothian Desert and Dimwood. New terrain will generate east of Quontia, that should fit with the terrain to the east and north.
- 5 chunks around Yukiland and Zuntriio have been replaced with chunks from a backup from August 9, 2012, after the 1.3 cropping.
- Smoothed biome transitions between Swamphold and the land west of it, and changed Spawntown's park from forest to savannah.
- Verified that the worldgen seed isn't broken.
- Cropped the nether leninently. The remaining parts can be seen below.

The temp world is still up, these are just the changes that have been made.