Author Topic: Kaktolake Monster Factory  (Read 85 times)


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Re: Kaktolake Monster Factory
« on: 2014 04 11, 13:53:03 »
There are some serious problems with the factory that I've found while working on the intro center, which means the factory probably on the edge of where the chunks are loaded around me. The dispensers tend to get out of sync, because every redstone signal just swaps the water flow on or off.

So far I found a rather easy solution, I set up a ladder to the lowest redstone level and if you destroy the redstone and place it again, it swaps the state of all dispensers after that redstone. But now I've seen that it also gets out of sync vertically, so even if the bottom floor is synced, the top floors probably aren't. This is getting a pain to maintain.

The solution would probably have to be a centralized water flow, like in the Border Hill farms, so just one redstone pulse pours water into a network that makes it fill all the floors. I should consider if such a design could be made. I think the factory is starting to get a bit unproductive in its current state.

Other ideas are welcome.