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Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« Reply #150 on: 2013 07 11, 15:37:36 »
If we ever get around to updating the map, I've been working on making some changes to the layout of my regions. I currently have the GIMP file on my computer and it won't be until nearly July 20th that I'll have good enough internet to actually upload it for Bla or I to edit.

Summary of changes:
- Mauritius merges with Miquelon
- New Mauritius becomes Aahrus while Golfe de Yqt becomes Mojikit Stronghold (Kaministiquia)
- Evelyn takes some of Mojikit Stronghold
- Capital grows a bit
- Attawapiskat merges with <forget municipality name>
- Ogoki merges with Makobi
- Falaises Extreme renamed to Passau

Being in Europe for a week has given me many ideas. Might rebuild Capital for the 9000th time, might get too lazy for that and just leave it the way it is. Got ideas on how to build Polyani (and the rest of Velgorod) as well as Passau. Mauritius is still planned on being a spot for testificates...eventually will do this maybe.