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Re: World Map and Land Division Thread
« Reply #150 on: 2013 07 14, 07:18:33 »

What do people think should happen to Spheron Rilmu, now that Deoxy99 is permabanned? Is anyone interested in taking over the region?
What should happen to the hotel? I think we should preserve it, but remove the flag and let the regional manager edit it if it wants to, and rename everything Deoxy named.

Edit: Alfonzo99 has claimed the region between Spheron Rilmu, Desertopia, Welptopia, Mt. Olympus and Islandes de Yqt. The region is still unnamed and Alfonzo99 has decided to join UBSR.

He has also built a small building by the Yukitown municipality's east coast, which Ventus/Naru may want to see.

Coolman1220 has also joined the server and claimed Spheron Rilmu, which has been renamed to Azecliffs.
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