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Re: Mining
« on: 2012 06 18, 23:08:28 »
From the new branch that I made for the strip mining and subsequent ore extraction (also includes ore mined from revealed caverns, ravines, etc.). BTW, has anybody ever seen a 1 or 2 block wide ravine (more like a crevasse than a ravine)? Because I found one. It didn't have the usual connected cavern system, although an abandoned mine does pass through it.

1111 gravel
154 flint
1015 dirt
1783 coal
3558 redstone (thats a full large chests worth and then some, I now have two large chests+ worth, heh)
83 diamond
121 gold
572 iron
55 lapis lazuli (I wasn't actively mining this)
11456 cobblestone (several stacks were recycled back in as filler, so it's a bit less than the total dug out.)