Author Topic: Item Collection Bragging Thread  (Read 928 times)


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Re: Item Collection Bragging Thread
« Reply #50 on: 2017 09 10, 23:58:45 »
The server isn't saving my player file right now. I've dumped everything I gathered on a splunk trip with Yqt into this chest, and hoping the server doesn't rollback the actual world.
Yqt said it rolled back some of what we spawned, some spider spawners and stuff he affected 1 hr+ earlier.
But stuff I and Dar built earlier the day is still there. However there's no way I can get it to save my file. Keeps rolling me back, my inv, achievements, everything, to some time earlier today when I was on Horse Island.
Gonna have to check up on this after a while and see if there's a problem with the server.
I lost my best bow, Glory of the Red Rainbow, because of the rollback so I'm gonna have to skim my old vid from the ender dragon fight to see if it had any flame chantment and rename it sometime. Mess.

Edit: Aftter the server stopped,  Itried going on again. The stuff in the chest was saved, but my player file still rolled back. Maybe it's corrupted. Should probably dump all my stuff in a chest and delete it maybe.
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