Author Topic: Multiple random server restarts the past few days.  (Read 66 times)


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Bla, I know I made a comment about it on the collective storage, but these random restarts really need to be looked into because it's getting annoying and causing brief rollbacks. It's also caused various other problems like people losing stuff and at one point somehow duplicated some of Yqt's stuff through some strange glitch. Whether or not it's reproduceable, I have no idea.

Also, look into the plugins, outdated plugins could be causing some of the problems.

Oh yeah, remember what happened with Kipz's library, we found out that it was due to corrupted chunks.
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i just want to say that if you decide to set 'use at your own risk' for the blacraft server; i hope you'll  the items i lost in a recent server restart thing.

 I was working on a automatic volcano creator, and after i'd finished, i mined away the few layers of cobble from the test run and was building a small town to bury under the volcano. I put all my stuff in a chest in a house because i wanted to go back to desrertopia and fill my inventory with cobblestone to build with. then the server had a 'server restarting, you will be kicked' message, and then i relogged. when i got back in, the server had rolled back so the cobblestone i had mined away had replaced my chest and my items were gone.

i lost:
diamond pickaxe, 98%
diamond shovel x2 : 100%
bow x 1
redstone x 32
torches x 32
bread x 64
flitn and steel x 1
bucket x 6
exp required to enchant the stuff i lost = 471 bottles of exp
also last time from the library i built, i forgot to request these items it took to build, because i was more concerend about my diamond armor which was worth significantly more:
netherbrick: 12 stacks
blue wool: 2 stacks
red wool: 2 stacks
wood: 144 (1.5 stacks)


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Okay. I was in Kip's quarry, and i relogged because chest was not opening, i mined an no items came out, and it was very glitchy. Kip and smjjames saw me sufficate.

Lost (the important stuff):

Bow:100% no enchants
Diamond Sword: sharpness III
Minecart: Mincart
Diamond boots:100%
Diamond leggins:99% protection III
iron Helmat :20 %
Iron chestplate:80%

Posting screenshot later.

EDIT: and 23 levels, as you can see in the screenshot

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Might be worth it to dump everything valuable you have into a chest (or on the ground?) before you log off. Or just not carrying around your best sword and armour at all times. Like what I've been accustomed to.

Also the spawn in wall because you logged out in a minecart is a very classic bug that is well known in 1.4, if you have the option of disconnecting while in a minecart, just get out and disconnect outside of it.
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uhh, i could not open any chest, fyi. Also will i get tp'd back to that place?


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i lost a 75% diamond pickaxe, and i think 4 wooden doors, 3 iron doors. also 67 torches, and that's all the stuff i care about.