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Re: Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 24, 19:58:39 »
What kind of creative worlds do people want?

One with superflat terrain? With x=4-ish surface (current) or x=64 or maybe x=32?
Or one with overworld-style terrain?

IRC: Most people appear to prefer overworld-style terrain.
Code: [Select]
(19:24:35)<Tuto>tbh overworld is better but flatlands i can accept that.
(19:24:36)<Darvince>it's not loading anything for me
(19:24:50)<Tuto>nonetheless i appreciate it :)
(19:24:56)<Stowaway>So where's the portal
(19:25:06)<rodvenio>in the testing blab
(19:25:18)<BlaBla44>Most of all it was a test world to see how the plugins worked. If most people prefer an overworld style creative world I can make it that way too. We could have both technically (although I prefer to limit the number of different worlds)
(19:25:25)<rodvenio>also i bet bla intentionally included seb in the picture
(19:25:28)<rodvenio>i know u bla
(19:25:49)<BlaBla44>Yes that was intentional because I just noticed him peek cutely above the wall
(19:25:56)<Stowaway>flatland overworld?
(19:26:26)<BlaBla44>The creative world is a flatland but if people prefer an overworld style creative, post on the forum
(19:26:43)<Tuto>yeh can it be overworld kol
(19:26:57)<Darvince>i'd prefer overworld for building different stuff and testing styles that incorporate terrain
(19:27:05)<rodvenio>that's why he said post on the forum u little shits
(19:27:16)<Darvince>but flatlands is better for building test builds
(19:27:30)<Darvince>without feeling like i'm taking away from blacraft activity by playing sinmgpleplayer
(19:27:49)<Stowaway>you can have flatland with overworld biomes
(19:28:37)<rodvenio>or we could make our own terrain by hand ooOoOooOooooOOOOoo
(19:28:38)<Stowaway>does the inventory change between them?
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