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Re: Multiverse
« on: 2015 07 25, 11:12:12 »
Remember that griefing in the creative world is not allowed. Play in a way that assumes the world will stay permanent - not being sure whether the world is permanent isn't a valid reason to break the rules. Most likely the important parts of it could be moved to a new creative world using MCEdit. Don't use TNT in stuff other people built without their consent, this is breaking the number one server rule on griefing and may be punished.

The reason I wasn't sure what to do with the world was because only really Fiah posted on here about what kind of creative world he wanted and there wasn't any real discussion on it.
But most people said they prefer an overworld-style world so I've changed the creative world to use overworld terrain and moved what we've created so far to a plains area.
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