The future of nether ice roads?

Make a central hub where the current Spawntown portal is. Future expansions at this y level.
3 (60%)
Move the ice roads to another y level with minimal empty space/lava.
2 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Author Topic: Nether Ice Roads  (Read 387 times)


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Re: Nether Ice Roads
« on: 2014 04 11, 00:59:54 »
So the poll ended and we voted for moving the ice roads.

I'm suggesting to move them to the top near the horse roads, since the horse roads are at 105 and the tunnels are 3m tall, I'd suggest 110. The altitude below the horse tunnels seem to have a rapid drop towards more openness, so I think building them just below the horse roads would leave them too exposed.

Another option is near the absolute bottom of the nether, below around y = 18.

Consider this graph: