The future of nether ice roads?

Make a central hub where the current Spawntown portal is. Future expansions at this y level.
3 (60%)
Move the ice roads to another y level with minimal empty space/lava.
2 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Author Topic: Nether Ice Roads  (Read 534 times)


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Re: Nether Ice Roads
« on: 2015 05 25, 13:27:59 »
I'd like to revive this discussion. We voted to move the ice roads up more than a year ago now, and we've got a fair number of players who have moved their portals up and been connected to the infrastructure there, but Kip, Yqt and probably some others still haven't, and I have the impression they're not planning to. Suggestions for how we deal with this split up distribution of portals that aren't very well connected? Could we convince the rest to move up, or do people want to move down again or continue with this split up distribution?