Author Topic: opening konisshi job board and shop!  (Read 30 times)


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opening konisshi job board and shop!
« on: 2018 12 31, 19:31:14 »
hello fellow blacrafters, today i'm opening konisshi job board and shop, a place where you can get paid to do things i want you to do, and then spend that $$$ on things you want to buy

the url to the job board is here, but there is also an in game board, which will be kept up to date with this sheet

some quick notation first
i = item, s = stack, dc = double chest
sc = "shimaocents"

so for example if you wanted to cover your region in beacons, you could simply first build me a sorter for a fish farm, and then buy 50 beacons afterwards

if none of these trades interests you, you can always trade 100sc for 1 hour of my time -- subject to my own availability ofc. you can also ask for a quote on anything you might want to buy or sell.

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