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Re: Plugin Leak Testing
« on: 2013 10 14, 20:31:09 »
Two restarts without AutoSaveWorld, so I put it back. Now removed ProperTime.

Edit: Two restarts and a crash without ProperTime, so I put it back. Now removed Vault.

Vault removed 20:49

One restart at 21:09.

I also stopped mining/digging sand and sandstone with very efficient tools, which probably contributed a lot to the server load, and now we're around 3-4 online, so this could explain that it doesn't seem to restart very often anymore.

21:26: Ok 2 restarts and a crash, enough waiting. Vault is back and MFS is removed.
21:31: First restart

21:37: It restarted again, so MFS has been restored, and I have now removed DeathChest.
21:48: First restart
21:53: Second restart, putting DeathChest back.

The plan is to first look for an update for LWC, then if that doesn't work, update Essentials, then disable LWC and at last disable Essentials.

Edit: LWC is now updated.
22:28: First restart.
22:43: Second restart.

Essentials is now updated. The new file is around 800 kb, while the old one was around 700 kb I think, so clearly it was outdated. Hopefully this will fix everything.
22:46: Restart, crash, etc. many times, problem not fixed.

23:56: Removed WorldEdit and MFS.
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