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Re: Possible future battleground
« on: 2015 07 14, 13:15:10 »
I think it'd be good if the two levers were next to each other. But nice work on the ideas.

Also any ideas for where the new battle areas could be? At first it'd probably be just one rather linear zone like 20 m wide and 50-100 m long for testing the gameplay, but if the rules/battles work well and seem to be fun, the overall layout of the region could be something like this:

With spawn bases (blue) as nodes and red as objectives between the spawns. Controlling an objective could then allow you to use either spawn that it's connected to.

Also from irc:

Code: [Select]
(16:21:09)<blotz>i love battleground zones after they've been warred
(16:24:27)<BlaBla44>Oh yes I wrote down some notes before sleeping one of the recent nights. I had an idea for a BG-like system, but instead of all the complications in the BG, there's be just like a slice of land, with two bases on each side, where each team spawns. Digging, TNT and so on is forbidden, so you only have sword, bow, armor, and use the terrain during the battle. You try to push the enemy team as far back as possible, and if you push them back far enough (maybe beyond some line, or beyond some area where you manage to e.g. replace a flag), you win their base.
- 7 min, 17 sec
(16:31:44)<blotz>YES i think i just killed a hacker
(16:31:46)<blotz>ok readin
(16:36:03)<blotz>what do you mean by push back?
(16:36:08)<blotz>if they like respawn
(16:39:57)<blotz>or like
- 6 min, 55 sec
(16:46:52)<BlaBla44>Like |A - a - - - - - b - B| where | is limit of zone, A is team A players, B is team B players, a is where B is trying to reach, and b is where A is trying to reach. Then they might go like this
(16:47:14)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - AB - - b - - |
(16:47:28)<BlaBla44>| - - a - AB - - - b - - |
(16:47:47)<BlaBla44>|- - a AB - - - - b - -|
(16:47:59)<BlaBla44>|- - a - AB - - - b - -|
(16:48:12)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - AB - b - -|
(16:48:28)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - - AB b - -|
(16:48:39)<BlaBla44>|- - a - - - - - AB - -|
(16:48:42)<BlaBla44>And then A wins
(16:49:04)<blotz>but i feel like it'd go really fast if all you have to do is cross a line
(16:49:17)<blotz>cuz you could jjust like tank a few hits and have someone chase you
(16:51:35)<BlaBla44>True, but I think it'd depend on the settings. Maybe you could say you're not allowed to run a lot past the enemy team, or something.
(16:53:29)<blotz>good idea hmm
- 10 min, 43 sec
(17:04:12)<BlaBla44>One of the good th
(17:06:55)<blotz>where would this battleground be
(17:07:52)<blotz>i was thinking about a domination type game, where there's a thing at the middle that you want to control
(17:08:20)<blotz>in the middle would be a small zone where you couldn't place blocks or anything
(17:08:35)<blotz>and eaach team would have a lever, hopper, and chest
(17:09:05)<blotz>at the beginning, the levers are powered. if you get to mid, all you can do is adjust the levers
(17:09:14)<blotz>so you would turn your lever off so items can go into the chests
(17:09:37)<blotz>and if you lost control, then the other team would switch your lever on and theirs off. and whoever has the most items'd win
(17:09:56)<Stowaway>"The ordeal of the cross was apparently introduced in the Early Middle Ages by the church in an attempt to discourage judicial duels among the Germanic peoples. As with judicial duels, and unlike most other ordeals, the accuser had to undergo the ordeal together with the accused. They stood on either side of a cross and stretched out their hands horizontally. The one to first lower
(17:09:56)<Stowaway>his arms lost."
(17:10:01)<BlaBla44>That's actually a good idea too, like king of the hill, and each team tries to use the levers to maybe do a countdown when in an on state, so if they control them long enough it'll give some sound or something saying they win
(17:10:02)<Stowaway>That's not a train that's a **** game
(17:10:30)<blotz>yeah i got the idea from some server game i forgot which
(17:10:35)<blotz> i think
(17:14:58)<blotz>idk how would you do a once you control it for x minutes a gong sounds b/c it would require some tricky comparator stuff
(17:15:05)<Stowaway> they're mind boggling but cool
(17:15:20)<BlaBla44>Kol Matty that trial
(17:16:13)<Stowaway>It's like thsoe things where a bunch of people have to keep a touch of a car or something and the last person to be touching it wins the car
(17:16:19)<BlaBla44>Bong but if there's one for each team, you could say you have to activate your own lever and deactivate your enemy's, to stop their countdown and start your own. Then you'd just need a hopper timer
(17:16:43)<BlaBla44>for each team and a gong for each team
(17:18:21)<BlaBla44>Kol Matty we learned about those in quantum mechanics, they're plots of probability of where to find electrons you get from squaring the electrons' wave functions
(17:19:58)<blotz>oh i see
(17:21:16)<Stowaway>ye tehre was a video on that youtube channel with the german name
(17:21:21)<Stowaway>i forget what it's called
(17:24:21)<blotz>bla something like this right
(17:25:57)<BlaBla44>I imagined separate clocks for each team actually but nvm can be thought out in detail later
(17:27:17)<blotz>problem: what if they dont hear the sound?
(17:27:21)<blotz>solution: ad lights
(17:27:56)<blotz>problem: cannot see progress
(17:28:06)<blotz>solution: hmm
(17:28:18)<BlaBla44>Kol, yes there's a lot of things you could do
(17:28:36)<BlaBla44>How about a **** giganttic fireworks show of doom once a team wins
(17:29:19)<blotz>problem: if you wait like another few minutes the "win" lights would switch off
(17:29:27)<blotz>solution: idk what happened but mine stayed on so yay
(17:29:33)<blotz>solution 2: use non-sticky pistons
(17:29:49)<blotz>problem: can only do for like 4 minutes ish
(17:31:49)<BlaBla44>Problem: Anything
(17:31:56)<BlaBla44>Solution: SEBASTIAN CASTRO
(17:32:45)<blotz>problem: too complicated
(17:32:49)<blotz>solution: use comparators
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