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Re: Trenchland
« on: 2015 07 15, 21:59:00 »
So we built a test zone in an area I've called "Trenchland" (built a nether horse road to it in the west direction from spawn). Tested the gameplay: Blotz built a clock which counts down from 20 minutes (or rather ~20:20), and after that it gives a sound signal to say the defenders won. However, another hopper clock counts down from 10 minutes (~10:08), but only when the lever in the center points in one direction (which it would make sense was the direction of the attackers). I and TMC played attackers vs Fiah and Yqt as defenders and they won, where we had controlled the center around 8:30 according to the hopper timer.

The zone can be seen below:

It seemed like people were satisfied with the concept, so the plan is to make more spawn bases with more objectives between, like in the sketch above, in the area. When there are enough spawns and objectives, the region could work similar to the Battleground, with teams being able to own the objectives.
Of course areas like these could also be built in other locations if you want desert themes and so on, but that would be independently of this project.

Now there are 3 things to do:

1: Everyone can contribute to the region by suggesting locations of new objectives and spawns, and once approved, build the battle zone areas by landscaping etc. so that the zone is balanced for both teams. Just type here if you want to sign up for designing a zone.
2: The spawns will have to be approved a bit and should be standardized (but until that's finished we can easily work on 1 just by marking the spawn areas). I'm considering a circular design so that the spawns can be connected with zones/objectives in any direction without having your route out blocked (although there'd probably be a few pillars to hold the roof).
3: The timer system in the center could probably be improved a bit, so it's simpler. I think we should refine this design before installing it in a lot of zones. But for our test it worked well.

Here's an overview of  the area and the current things have been built here west of Ninjahworld:

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