Author Topic: Problem Solving Requests  (Read 2624 times)


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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« on: 2013 07 25, 10:28:24 »
I have made some maps of the world which show that the chunks are broken in a lot of places, so I have stopped the server to repair the world. The current world is backed up.

I will repair it by stitching parts of the current world into a backup from July 21. If you have changed anything in the overworld since then, tell me asap and I will try to move it into the backed up world, or possibly refund you with materials. If you want that rather than losing your progress since then, you should not edit your areas.

Things that have been preserved from July 25:
Public storage in Swamphold
An area around the old hotel complex in Azecliffs
Blanoxium's player file
coolman's player file

I will write in here when it is officially recommended to play again.
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