Author Topic: Problem Solving Requests  (Read 2590 times)


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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« Reply #50 on: 2014 04 20, 14:28:03 »
Inventory lost by Ventus due to some block glitch, should be refunded asap. Post here if anything is refunded and what is.
It's hard to see what the different items are due to the different texture pack, so I'd like to see if Ventus agrees with everything here, and also to say what enchants the enchanted gear had. To refund the enchanted stuff, we'll have to use
Code: [Select]
/give [self] [unenchanted tool]and then, while holding the item in hand,
Code: [Select]
/enchant [enchant] [enchanting level]
Code: [Select]
/give Ventus obsidian 5
/give Ventus arrow 192
/give Ventus reddye
/give Ventus enderchest
/give Ventus sprucewood 14
/give Ventus enderpearl 46
/give Ventus dirt 7
/give Ventus craftingtable 2
/give Ventus stick 4
/give Ventus gunpowder 2
/give Ventus spruceplank
/give Ventus coal 4
/give Ventus netherbrickblock 2
/give Ventus netherrack 48
/give Ventus bone
/give Ventus lighter
/give Ventus nametag 2
/give Ventus cobblestone 13
/give Ventus steak 16
/give Ventus torch 27
/give Ventus lavabucket 1

And in addition:

Enchanted fishing pole
Enchanted iron pickaxe
Almost used up stone sword (shouldn't be refunded)
Enchanted diamond sword
Enchanted bow
Enchanted diamond pickaxe
Enchanted diamond axe
Enchanted diamond shovel
A set of enchanted diamond armor,2724.msg120719.html#msg120719