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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« Reply #50 on: 2014 06 24, 14:57:35 »
Death 2 #I hate creepers and lag

No armor is bad idea when caving with lag. Anyway creeper tp'd to me and blew up...not cool.

eff 4 unbr 3 diamond pick
eff 5 unbr 3 diamond shovel
eff 4 unbr 3 fortune 3 diamond pick
unbr 3 silk touch iron pick (idk why I enchanted an iron pick but I did from when I was in Wyverncliff and found it)
sharp 5 fire 2 loot 3 unbreak 3 diamond sword (named moose tipper-idk if you can do anything about that....I'll do it myself)
3 stacks iron ore
23 gold ore
10 diamond ore
40 lapis ore

All other stuff I'm fine without.

Creepers are ninjas I tell you. They sneak up on me all the time when caving :P