Author Topic: Problem Solving Requests  (Read 2623 times)


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Re: Problem Solving Requests
« Reply #50 on: 2014 09 20, 20:09:37 »
ok so i was using mekanism, and i went from hover mode to disabled mode and i was like 20 blocks above the air, then a lag spike hit me and i hit the ground too hard. yqt tried to save my stuff but a lag spike hit him and disconnected. i tried to go through the nether but i lagged and it took 5 minutes to get through the nether and all my stuff was gone
Important things
7 steel, 1 electric jetpack, 1 mechanism jetpack, diamond pick, 14 buckets‏, Electrolytic Separator, and 2 enriched alloys
jetpacks are near full fuel, diamond pick i havn't used
also i lost 2 iron swords at half durability, and 1 iron pickaxe at half durability but that doesn't really matter that much